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Clarks use StoreTech's people counting solution to help them grow their business.

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A people counting solution that delivers better results

Head of Store System at Clarks says "We have been working with StoreTech for over 20 years and we have seen the product evolve significantly over that time, both functionally and technologically."

"The product has enough science and automation behind it to ensure its effectiveness from a customer facing perspective, but it also requires a degree of manual input, which means our managers are allowed to ‘manage’, which is also important to the business."

"Not only is the product highly motivational, the fact that it also gets buy-in from the people that actually use it is also highly significant and the results speak for themselves."

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Real-time Occupancy

Improve employee and customer confidence, and reduce potential manual counting errors with an occupancy sensor. Ideal for retail, leisure or tourism venues, and the workplace.

Live Occupancy solution
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Delivering performance improvement

Clarks is a prolific global footwear retailer, based in Street, Somerset, UK. In addition to operating a highly successful worldwide wholesale operation, the company also owns and runs its own retail estate and continues to achieve ever increasing market dominance in its sector.

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Science, functionality and simplicity

One of the most important aspects of full-service retail is ensuring that staff coverage reflects the requirements of the business, to ensure that the company is able to maintain its customer service objectives.

Hence the team at Clarks need to ensure not only that stores have enough sales staff in the key service areas (shop floor, tills and stock room retrieval) at the right times of day, but also that they are not over-staffing at quieter times of day, because this would lead to wasted staff budget, which could be used to serve people at busier times.

Live sales performance dashboard

The StoreTech system provides the element of science that Clarks needs to achieve these objectives, by combining customer numbers and patterns to both drive the staff schedule and provide a live sales performance dashboard throughout each trading day.

The product has a significant amount of functionality, including target-setting logic, performance dashboards, charts, graphs and a staff scheduling component; but the key to its success at Clarks is its simplicity.

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