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With 25 years in the people counting industry, we like to consider ourselves as people counting experts. You can trust us to provide honest advice and recommendations.

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What our customers say

StoreTech supported sales growth of 6% for us. The pilot scheme of 5 active and 5 control stores was so successful that we rolled out to the entire estate of 120 stores.

The system is both brilliant and motivational. We need simple and flexible products to offer immediate results. StoreTech has achieved compelling results for our company's bottom line performance.

A great way to see all KPI's in real-time
Allowing us to influence them on a 30-minute basis; spot patterns and maximise sales and customer service.

StoreTech is a great way of staying on top of stores performance throughout the day. The in-store teams love it as it keeps them motivated and drives challenge across the area.

People counting solutions for your business

StoreTech started measuring offline footfall and conversion analytics before Google was born. Offline analytics is here to measure performance and optimise your business.


To complete with online analytics, its crucial for bricks and mortar retailers to optimise performance, measure conversion rates and improve productivity.

People counting in retail »

Leisure and Tourism

Museums and galleries benefit from real-time footfall data to understand the customer journey and deliver a better customer experience.

People counting in leisure and tourism »

Coffee Shops and Bars

Understand in real-time your customer flow so you can measure demand, plan for peak hours and deploy staff to customer traffic.

People counting in coffee shops and bars »

Smart Buildings

Facilities managers and building owners can accurately deploy resources based on live occupancy analytics and space utilisation.

People counting in smart buildings »

A Powerful Performance Management Solution

Highly evolved, and easy-to-use, with powerful footfall and performance insight on any device with a browser.

Performance Dashboard | StoreTech

Performance Dashboards

Optimise your performance with simple, clear summary and multi-site dashboards. It's easy to make smarter - faster data driven decisions in real-time. 

More about our performance dashboards 
Staff to Demand | StoreTech

Staff to Traffic

Our build-in scheduler uses your visitor patterns to recommend the idea rota. Meaning you can optimise your staffing requirements based around the demand. 

More about staff to demand scheduling 
Business Intelligence | StoreTech

Business Intelligence

With data rich insight into your footfall traffic and performance KPI's. You can understand the opportunity and demand throughout the day, for your stores, areas and regions. 

More about business intelligence