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Our build-in scheduler uses your visitor patterns to recommend the idea rota. Meaning you can optimise your staffing requirements based around the demand of the customer.

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Data-driven scheduling

Staffing costs often top the list of expenses for a business and therefore getting the most and the best from each person is crucial to the business success. And the key to that aim is the best use of staffing resources.

Staffing numbers is always a balancing act. Too few and you risk offering a poor customer experience while too many and customers feel pressured or uncomfortable. That’s why it is so important to get it right.

Great customer service comes from having the right number of staff available. They should be there to greet customers, offer advice or help if needed and to ensure the shelves are full. There should also be enough people to keep waiting times at tills to a minimum. But how can managers achieve this balance?

The answer is to use StoreTech’s staff scheduling software to achieve data-driven balance in staff numbers. You can analyse past traffic patterns, factor in elements such as holidays and seasonal events and even the weather to better predict what staff numbers you will need to achieve that crucial staff balance.

The StoreTech staff scheduling system enables you to match staff to demand to ensure you have the right number of people doing the right thing at the right time. The best three step process is to install counters to capture footfall patterns, employ staff to match those patterns and then motivate the staff using the dashboard.

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Staff to demand

Optimise your resources by aligning your staff to demand.

Traffic to staff

Select historical footfall data to recommend staffing levels and simply drop and drag to create shifts

Week to view

Week view allows shifts to be entered as easily as you would using an Excel spreadsheet

Hours and cost

As you build up your schedule you can monitor individual and total hours and costs used

Optimised scheduling

We make it easy to optimise productivity and rebalance your staff hours to when they are really needed.

Advanced features

Additional functionality includes; copy, paste and saving your schedules as templates for future use

T&A integration

Import staff details directly from HR systems and export schedules to time and attendance systems

Operationalising in-store retail analytics

Staff to demand scheduling

The StoreTech system combines customer activity data with sales and staffing data to ensure your retail operations are optimised, that you have the right amount of employees available at the right times of day and that they are focused upon achieving the customer service targets set by the business.

Simply drag and drop shifts, whilst aligning staff to your historical footfall data via our recommender. 

  • Availability of staff, focusing on the right things at the right times, goes a long way towards improving the Customer Experience
  • Fully integrated, simple, intuitive and relevant
  • Productivity can often be a re-alignment issue
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    The StoreTech scheduling component is simple, relevant, and most of all manager-driven, which is vital if buy-in is to be achieved at store level. Our philosophy is to keep things simple, not force users to do anything they don’t want to do and focus upon the needs of the customer; hence the main driver for the scheduler is customer traffic.

    With stores that have less than 50 employees in a week working in the store, then yes. We find if you have 5+ staff a day, then knowing when they should be working based on historical visitor data is crucial for providing optimum staffing to demand. 

    Yes, another key benefit of a cloud-based retail staff scheduler is that area managers and head office personnel are able to view the store rota. As well as key metrics that can be produced to see that a rota has been created, the recommender has been run, and staff hours planned are within budget.

    A retail scheduler is a software tool used to create and manage employee schedules for retail stores. It allows store managers to quickly and easily create shift schedules that meet the needs of their business, while also taking into account employee availability, labor costs, and other factors. The scheduler can also be used to track employee attendance, manage time-off requests, and generate reports.


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