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Journey analytics

Smartphones has become an integral part of our lives, a completely connected world allows for smarter ways to track the movement around offline environments. It is possible to anonymously utilise this location data to create a picture of what people do in and around their store.

Walk-by sensor technology is now available to passively measure the opportunity outside your store.

How engaging is your front window display?

How much traffic flows past your store?

Walk-by shoppers that don’t enter your store are lost opportunities. Monitor walk-by traffic to evaluate the effectiveness of window displays, marketing, and promotional activities

Understanding the correlation between walk-by traffic and walk-in traffic helps business owners take actionable steps to increase engagement.

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Behaviour analytics

Behaviour analytics inside the store allows you to understand where your customers go.

Key metrics includes; visit duration, dwell time, engaged areas, and the journey path.

Heatmaps to visualize how customers move around your store are available.

In-store retail analytics is designed to measure what matters most, reveal hidden sales opportunities, and connect those insights to real results that improve your retail performance. 

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Measure and meet critical KPIs, maximise conversions and engagements, and improve the customer experience.


The total number of potential customers who physically pass in front of, or walk by, your store.


The total number of people who physically enter, or walk-in, your store. 

Qualified visitor

A measure of customer engagement that groups visitors who acted similarly to consider behaviours.


The total number of customers who have shown increased intent to buy through enhanced interactions.

Visit duration

The amount of time an individual physically spent inside your store.

Most attractive areas

A complete understanding of a shoppers engaged sections and dwell time in each.

FAQ's about location analytics

The total number of potential customers who physically pass in front of, or walk-by, your store. Each walk-by represents an individual who, if managed correctly, can be converted to a walk-in customer and eventually a sale.

The sensor is main powered and mounted on the ceiling or wall near the entrance window for walk-by insight or within a zone /department for journey analytics. The sensor gathers anonymous, non-personal radio frequency (RF) signals emitted by shopper’s personal devices. Data is sent to our cloud server via 4G.

The sensor is mains powered via a AC/DC adapter. Sensor dimensions 120x160x70mm Designed to be installed at heights between 9 and 16ft above the floor.

Looking to go beyond the traditional people counting at the entrance? Want to go further, and understand walk-by traffic outside your store, be that on the high street, in a retail park, or shopping centre?

Add the full suite of journey analytics, with insight that will help uncover the complete journey path once your potential customer steps inside your store. We can help retailers gather meaningful data about in-store behaviours and make smarter business decisions with location analytics for your physical space.


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