StoreTech's people counting solutions are useful for many types of industries to measure the opportunity, optimise performance and improve the customer experience.

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People Counting in Retail

StoreTech provides a People Counting Solution to help bricks and mortar stores, including managers and staff at store level to improve their operational efficiency and at the same time increase profitability.

With highly accurate real-time visitor data, it is far easier to manage demand and monitor key performance metrics like conversion rates.

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People Counting in Leisure and Tourism

StoreTech provides a People Counting Solution to help leisure and tourism venues, including managers and staff at site level to improve their operational efficiency and at the same time increase profitability.

With highly accurate real-time visitor data, it is far easier to manage demand and monitor key performance metrics.

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The world’s best-of-breed people counting sensor

Install, upgrade, push, or API footfall data from your existing people counters to our performance management solution

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People Counting in Coffee Shops and Bars

StoreTech provides a People Counting Solution to help coffee shops and bars, including managers and staff to improve their operational efficiency and at the same time increase profitability.

With highly accurate real-time visitor data, it is far easier to manage demand and monitor key performance metrics.

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Smart Buildings

Monitoring your building utilisation is crucial to managing workspaces like meeting rooms, open plan co-working areas, kitchens, and washrooms.

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Flexicount Solutions

Our brand 'Flexicount' provides users with our powerful web portal with integration from a variety of IoT sensors build for workplace environments.

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A Deep Dive into Industries Benefiting from People Counting Solutions

In today's competitive business environment, understanding customer behaviour and preferences is paramount to success. Enter people counting solutions, which empower organisations to make informed, data-driven decisions by providing rich insights about footfall data and customer behaviour patterns. With over 24 years of expertise in footfall analytics, StoreTech has been providing innovative people counting solutions that not only optimise performance but also improve the customer experience. StoreTech has made a lasting impact across a diverse range of industries, imparting valuable insights that drive efficiency and growth.

In this blog article, we will delve into the various industries reaping the benefits of StoreTech's people counting solutions, examining how these sectors have adopted the technology to gain crucial insights into customer behaviour, enhance their performance, and deliver better customer experiences. From retail to public transportation and commercial properties, people counting technology has found valuable applications across a wide array of sectors, proving indispensable to businesses worldwide.

To better understand the scope and impact of people counting solutions, we will take an in-depth look into the specific applications and benefits unique to each industry. Further, we will examine how these industries have harnessed footfall data to drive tangible improvements across various aspects of their operations, from customer engagement to resource management and beyond.

Join us as we thoroughly explore the multitude of industries embracing StoreTech's people counting solutions, showcasing the power and potential of footfall analytics in creating better customer experiences and ultimately, fostering long-term business success. Learn how these insights are transforming organisations across diverse sectors, allowing them to adapt, thrive, and excel amidst ever-evolving market conditions and customer expectations.

Retail Industry

People counting solutions have proven invaluable for the retail industry, allowing businesses to garner insights into store performance and customer behaviour. Key applications include:

  1. Store Layout Optimisation: By analysing footfall data, retailers can identify high-traffic areas within their stores and adjust product placement and store layout accordingly. This helps maximise sales opportunities, boost customer engagement, and ensure efficient use of retail space.
  2. Staff Scheduling and Allocation: People counting solutions enable retailers to monitor store traffic and deploy staff effectively during peak hours. This fosters better customer service and satisfaction while allowing businesses to manage staffing costs more intelligently.
  3. Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: Retailers can use footfall data to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns and promotions, honing their strategies by understanding which campaigns deliver the best results.

Public Transportation

Transportation hubs such as train stations, airports, and bus terminals can also benefit from people counting solutions. Applications within the transportation sector include:

  1. Facility and Infrastructure Management: Footfall data allow transportation operators to identify areas that require more maintenance or renovations, ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience for travellers.
  2. Passenger Flow Analysis: Understanding passenger movement patterns helps transportation organisations optimise schedules and allocate resources effectively, enhancing operational efficiency while minimising congestion.
  3. Security and Emergency Preparedness: People counting technology in transportation hubs contributes to improved security and emergency preparedness efforts by providing authorities with real-time data on crowd density and movements.

Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners and managers rely on footfall analytics to make informed decisions about their properties' utilisation and performance. Relevant applications for this industry include:

  1. Tenant Attraction and Retention: Analysing foot traffic data allows property owners to demonstrate the value of their commercial spaces to potential tenants, as well as identify high-performing locations for current tenants.
  2. Facility Management: Footfall data helps commercial property managers ensure optimal maintenance and security operations, allocating resources based on data-driven insights into visitor patterns and requirements.
  3. Space Design and Allocation: By investigating foot traffic trends within a commercial building, property managers can optimise common areas and allocate space more effectively, enhancing visitor experiences.

Public Libraries and Cultural Institutions

Public libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions use people counting technology to gain insights into visitor behaviour and engagement, driving improved experiences. Applications include:

  1. Visitor Flow Management: People counting solutions provide critical data on visitor foot traffic patterns, allowing these institutions to manage queues, events, and exhibits more effectively. This helps to minimise congestion and improve the overall visitor experience.
  2. Resource Allocation and Staffing: Footfall data enable cultural institutions to effectively allocate resources and staff members, providing an optimal visitor experience without compromising efficiency or budgetary constraints.
  3. Evaluating the Impact of Exhibits and Events: People counting technology enables libraries and cultural institutions to measure the success of exhibitions and events, informing future programming decisions to better suit the preferences and needs of their audiences.

Embracing the Transformative Impact of StoreTech's People Counting Solutions

StoreTech's people counting solutions transcend industries, providing diverse sectors the ability to leverage customer behaviour insights and footfall data to make data-driven decisions for growth and efficiency. As demonstrated in retail environments, public transportation, commercial properties, and cultural institutions, these advanced solutions drive operational optimisation, resource management, and improved customer experiences.

Adopting StoreTech's people counting solutions allows businesses to harness the power of footfall analytics, transforming raw data into actionable insights that lead to optimised performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, long-term success.


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