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The StoreTech solution delivers anonymous footfall and occupancy analytics for your smart building. Providing powerful insight into space utilization, so you can optimize performance and improve the experience.

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Occupancy analytics for workspace optimisation

Our footfall counting solution consists of a powerful web portal and the world's no.1 people counters. Our solution will empower you to fully understand how visitors move around your office space.
Monitoring your building utilisation is crucial to managing workspaces like meeting rooms, open plan co-working areas, kitchens, and washrooms.

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Uncover your potential

Powerful people counting insight, so you can make the most relevant business decisions to drive performance.

Real-time KPIs

Staff in-store have real-time visibility of KPIs such as conversion rates and average spend. Making local decisions every half an hour they can improve their store performance.

Staff to demand

The Staff Planner enables you to match staffing to demand, even scheduling in the non-selling tasks to make sure the right number of staff, are doing the right things at the right time.

Multi-site Visibility

Meanwhile head office and field teams can monitor performance effectively and objectively, across all areas and regions, throughout each trading day.

Performance dashboards

Sales floor staff and managers in branches find it very motivational as our simple dashboards keeps them fully engaged with store performance.

Integrated PowerBi

Integrated with our cloud portal, we custom build for you rich data visualisations and reports that provide actionable insight to drive business results.

Task management

Communicate, measure and monitor implementation across your business with ease. Improve in-store execution and focus.

Real-time occupancy solution

Do you need to set limits on the number of people in your site?

Unlock your potential and optimise the customer experience.

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Live occupancy sensor | StoreTech
People counting in the workspace

The StoreTech solution takes data feeds from a full suite of customer counting hardware, both traditional counting technologies and Wi-Fi location analytics. This allows us to provide near real-time data on usage and occupancy of your building.

Smart building visitor analytics | StoreTech

This helps our customers to operationalise the footfall data, in order to drive service standards in all areas from reception, meetings rooms and washrooms.

Presenting visitor data via our target-based performance dashboards ensures staff at all levels are focused on delivering excellent service and drive efficiencies.

Performance management solution

Using our simple and fully integrated staff planner, which uses the customer traffic data to ensure you have the right number of staff at the right times, doing the right things; scheduling to demand off the back of the unique footfall patterns delivers the greatest results.

For more ways to manage and monitor office building usage visit our new dedicated Flexicount brand for facilities management service providers.

Smart builing performance management solution | StoreTech

Flexible workplace sensors

Optimize space and manage efficiencies in the flexible workspace. 

Space utilization insight

Our Flexicount brand was created to provide live occupancy and usage monitoring for smart buildings.

  • Optimise customer service
  • Increase store conversion rates
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Shorten customer queuing time
  • Save space, energy and money
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