Simple, powerful cloud
portal to aid smart and
effective decision making

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StoreTech People Counting Solutions

StoreTech's simple, powerful cloud portal delivers dramatic performance improvements at site level by arming staff with the tools they need to make a difference. Smart and effective decision making to aid managers throughtout the business.

What We Do

Helping Smart Businesses to go beyond people counting and optimise the customer experience

Increase Performance

User-friendly dashboards operationalise data, enabling staff to make better day-to-day business decisions.

Decrease Costs by 12%

Schedule staff to demand using historical footfall data to identify wasted or misallocated resources.

Save 5-10hrs a Month

Light-touch technology designed with usability in mind - train staff in less than 30 minutes.

Performance Focus

Engage staff with access to real-time data and daily targets to focus on metrics that will have the most impact.

Footfall Analytics

Study customer behaviour to prove ROI on marketing campaigns and operational processes.

Powerful Portal

Collate reports and create staff rota's in minutes, using simple drag and drop dashboards.

Real-time Occupancy Solution

Improve employee and customer confidence, and reduce potential manual counting errors with an occupancy sensor. Ideal for retail, leisure or tourism venues, and the workplace.

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Occupancy counting solution

A Powerful Performance Management Solution

Highly evolved, and easy-to-use, with powerful footfall and performance insight on any device with a browser.

Performance dashboards

Performance Dashboards

Optimise your performance with simple, clear summary and multi-site dashboards. It's easy to make smarter - faster data driven decisions in real-time. 

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Staff to demand

Staff to Traffic

Our build-in scheduler uses your visitor patterns to recommend the idea rota. Meaning you can optimise your staffing requirements based around the demand. 

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Task management

Task Management

Work smarter; communicate, measure and monitor implementation across your business with ease. Drive performance and improve in-store execution. 

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