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Optimise your retail performance just like our customers including Moss Bros who increased sales by 6% with our People Counting Solution.

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Measure the opportunity, boost conversion and increase sales

StoreTech provides a People Counting Solution to help bricks and mortar stores, including managers and staff at store level to improve their operational efficiency and at the same time increase profitability. With highly accurate real-time visitor data, it is far easier to manage demand and monitor key performance metrics like conversion rates.

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Uncover your potential

Powerful people counting insight, so you can make the most relevant business decisions to drive performance.

Real-time KPIs

Staff in-store have real-time visibility of KPIs such as conversion rates and average spend. Making local decisions every half an hour they can improve their store performance.

Staff to demand

The Staff Planner enables you to match staffing to demand, even scheduling in the non-selling tasks to make sure the right number of staff, are doing the right things at the right time.

Multi-site Visibility

Meanwhile head office and field teams can monitor performance effectively and objectively, across all areas and regions, throughout each trading day.

Performance dashboards

Sales floor staff and managers in branches find it very motivational as our simple dashboards keeps them fully engaged with store performance.

Integrated PowerBi

Integrated with our cloud portal, we custom build for you rich data visualisations and reports that provide actionable insight to drive business results.

Task management

Communicate, measure and monitor implementation across your business with ease. Improve in-store execution and focus.

People counting pilot delivers 6% sales uplift

The Moss Bros pilot scheme saw a sales uplift of 6% compared to the control group, far exceeding the retailers expectations.

StoreTech helped Moss Bros match staff to demand, increase sales, improve the customer experience, and motivate staff by involving them in operational decisions, making the pilot scheme successful in every KPI.

Learn more about this succcessful retail pilot
Moss Bros Retail Conversion Uplift | StoreTech
People counting in retail

The StoreTech solution takes data feeds from a full suite of customer counting hardware, both traditional people counting sensors and Wi-Fi location analytics. With a simple integration to the retailers EPoS system we are able to deliver real-time performance metrics such as conversion rates, average spend, dwell times and bounce rates.

Retail analytics | StoreTech

Using a retail analytics solution helps our retail customers to operationalise their data, in order to drive sales in their bricks and mortar stores.

Presenting sales and visitor data via our target-based performance dashboards ensures staff at store level are focused on driving conversion and making the best of whatever opportunity is walking through their door.

Retail management solution

Using our simple and fully integrated staff planner, which uses the customer traffic data to ensure our retailers have the right number of staff at the right times, doing the right things; scheduling to demand off the back of each stores unique footfall patterns delivers the greatest results.

A more recent addition to our solution is the newly integrated task management component, which allows head office to distribute tasks and events to stores. Built-in tracking of progress allows for visibility and operational excellence.

Retail management solutions | StoreTech
A Powerful Performance Management Solution

Our SaaS subscription model provides access to a range of components that make up our powerful cloud portal.

Performance Dashboards

Real-time performance metrics from conversion to sales available on any device with a browser.

Integrated Staff Planner

Move from spreadsheet scheduling to easy drag and drop with intelligent staff to demand recommendations.

Powerful Visualisations

Full historical data reporting using built-in collate and compare charts and tables and integrated PowerBi visualisations.

Task Management

Work smarter, communicate, and monitor tasks with ease to improve implementation.


Retail people counting solutions are designed to help retailers track the number of customers entering their stores. These solutions typically use cameras or sensors to detect and count people as they enter and exit the store. The data collected can then be used to analyze customer behavior, optimize staffing levels, and improve marketing strategies. Some solutions also offer additional features such as heat mapping, which can be used to identify high-traffic areas in the store.

Footfall is calcuated by:

  • The number of people who enter or leave your store during the cause of the trading day
  • The number of people inside your store right now, is the occupancy figure
  • The number of passers-by who can see your store from across the street or shopping mall
  • The average dwell time a visitor spends in your store
  • Add transaction data, to work out your conversion rate

Does your advertising work? What is your sales conversion rate? Which is the best performing location? Are your store hours right? If you can answer these questions, you will be able to optimise your performance in your store.

Retail conversion rate is a percentage of the total number of visitors to your store that went on to actually make a purchase. This measure shows truly how you managed to convert a browser into a customer. Without footfall data you will never know your conversion rate.

Yes, 60% of retailers use active brick-and-mortar stores as the final location they store inventory prior to delivery. Meaning staff in-store are doing more than ever to manage stock, deliveries, returns, click and collect as well as potential customers walking in off the street.


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