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What is people counting?

People counting is the process of counting the number of people entering or exiting a space. This can be done manually or using automated technology such as cameras, sensors, or infrared beams. People counting is used in a variety of industries, such as retail, hospitality, and transportation, to measure the flow of people and optimize operations.

How does people counting work?

People counting is a technology that uses sensors to detect and count the number of people entering and exiting a store, building, or other area. It is typically used to measure foot traffic and analyze customer behavior. The technology works by using infrared sensors, video cameras, or other detection devices to detect the presence of people in an area. The data is then collected and analyzed to provide insights into customer behavior, such as the number of people entering and leaving the store, the average time spent in the store, and the peak times of day when customers are most likely to visit.

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What are the benefits of people counting?

  • Improved customer service: People counting systems can provide real-time data on customer traffic, enabling businesses to adjust staffing levels to meet customer demand. This can help ensure that customers are served quickly and efficiently, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased sales: By understanding customer traffic patterns, businesses can adjust their marketing and promotional strategies to target customers when they are most likely to make a purchase.
  • Improved safety: People counting systems can help businesses identify areas of high traffic and adjust staffing levels accordingly. This can help manage capacity and occupancy limits in a building.
  • Improved efficiency: People counting systems can help businesses identify areas of low traffic and adjust staffing levels accordingly. This can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.
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Types of people counting systems?

  • Video-based People Counting Systems
  • Thermal Imaging People Counting Systems
  • Infrared Beam People Counting Systems
  • Ultrasonic People Counting Systems
  • Wi-Fi People Counting Systems
  • Bluetooth People Counting Systems
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) People Counting Systems
  • Facial Recognition People Counting Systems

If you don't have a people counting system, you won't be able to answer these questions;

  • Are you making the most of every potential customer that comes into your store? 
  • Do you know what times of day represent the best opportunity to sell? 
  • Are you able to change the conversation and objectively talk about performance by using the no.1 retail KPI; conversion?
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Uncover your hidden opportunities by understanding your walk-by traffic, when visitors enter your store, and when you turn them into customers.







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The total number of people who physically enter, or walk-in, your store. Not to be confused with walk-by, walk-in visitors have shown increased interest to buy and are more likely to result in a purchase.

Understanding the correlation between walk-by traffic and walk-in traffic helps you to take actionable steps to increase engagement.


You can only improve what you measure, so if you are not measuring your walk-in footfall you won't know your in-store conversion rate.

Driving a better sales-floor experience, and engaging with customers who are active in your store, is your key opportunity to sell. You have the best chance to convert these browsers into purchasers.



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Actionable analytics

Just some of the features available from our powerful retail performance dashboards.

Increase performance

User-friendly dashboards operationalise data, enabling staff to make better day-to-day business decisions.

Decrease costs by 12%

Schedule staff to demand using historical footfall data to identify wasted or misallocated resources.

Save 5-10 hrs a month

Light-touch technology designed with usability in mind - train staff in less than 30 minutes.

Performance insight

Engage staff with access to real-time data and daily targets to focus on metrics that will have the most impact.

Footfall analytics

Study customer behaviour to prove ROI on marketing campaigns and operational processes.

Powerful portal

Collate reports and create staff rota's in minutes, using simple drag and drop dashboards.

FAQ's about people counting

If you have visitors, customers moving around your business then a people counting system will help you make data-driven decisions about how they use your space. Therefore a people counting system is suitable for retail, coffee shops and bars, leisure and tourism, and the office workspace.

You may see them called people counter, footfall sensor, door counter, or traffic counter. They all deliver the same basic principle of people counting using video, thermal, and time of flight technologies. Accuracy levels can vary and therefore we'd recommend carefully selecting a people counting system that is reliable and consistent. In terms of accuracy, you do want a people counting system that you can believe in the data, knowing that in most cases you will be using it for statistical analysis, meaning it should be suitable for providing patterns and trends on your customer or visitor flow in and out of your space.

We help bricks and mortar retailers to get more out of their stores, by providing simple and relevant staff scheduling (to ensure they have the right number of staff at the right times) and conversion management (to focus staff on doing the right things at the right times), driven by customer counting and in-store analytics. We are not tied to any specific hardware which allow us to recommend the best people counting sensors for each environment / location or poll footfall data from existing hardware.

  1. How to manage staff costs and schedule staff hours across the week better, to deliver an improved customer experience, by having staff available when there is demand, whilst simultaneously reducing wasted staff cost
  2. Real-time and objective performance metrics available throughout the estate and to all users, be they in store, in the field or at head office
  3. Store managers unaware of the opportunity (footfall) coming into their store and therefore can only give a gut feeling to how busy they are

People counting analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data about the number of people who enter and exit a given area. This data is used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, optimize staffing levels, and identify potential safety and security risks. It can also be used to track customer behavior and identify trends in customer preferences.


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People-counting systems are tools used to measure and monitor the number of people entering or exiting a building or public space.

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