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What is People Counting?

With 25 years experience in people counting we like to think we know a thing or two about selecting the best sensor technologies for your environment. 

You may have questions on how does people counting work, what the benefits are, and the types of technologies available. 

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What is People Counting | StoreTech

Your Guide to People Counters

So you want a brief history of people counters? Look no further, we are experts in people counter, installing them, integrating them into our software and how for 25 years we've been on a mission to help retailers take advantage of footfall and conversion analytics.

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What is People Counting | StoreTech

The best people counting technologies on the market

Brickstream 3D Gen 2 Sensor | StoreTech


The Brickstream 3D Gen 2 sensors represents the next generation of video analytics.

Xovis 3D Sensor | StoreTech


Xovis 3D sensors masters every people counting and people flow challenge with precision.

Irisys Vecor 4D Sensor | StoreTech


The Irisys Vector 4D sensor is a high end people counting and behaviour analytics technology.

Flexicount workplace sensors | StoreTech


Optimise your workspace, improve cleaning and save cost with a variety of wireless IoT sensors.

Xovis 3D people counting sensor

Providing valuable insights everywhere people move – in shops, buildings, public places, amusement parks and many more places.

Irisys Vector 4D People Counter | StoreTech

Occupancy Counting Solutions

Real-time occupancy provides insight into building and space utilisation. Learn where people go and when, to make decisions on capacity limits, space planning, and cleaning. 

Optimise your space for a better customer experience.

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What is People Counting | StoreTech

Location Analytics

Want to know the complete customer journey inside your store?

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Walk-by Analytics

Want to know how many people are walking by your store every day?

Learn more about walk-by analytics Walk-by Analytics | StoreTech

Exploring People Counting Technologies: Innovations Driving Footfall Analytics

In an era defined by data-driven decision-making, organisations are increasingly depending on accurate and accessible insights to remain competitive and adapt to changing consumer needs. People counting technologies, designed to monitor foot traffic and customer behaviour patterns, serve as a vital asset for businesses seeking to enhance performance and improve overall customer satisfaction. As a pioneer in footfall analytics with over 25 years of experience, StoreTech has developed innovative people counting solutions tailored to match the unique requirements of businesses across various industries.

This blog article will explore the state-of-the-art people counting technologies offered by StoreTech, examining the advanced approaches and techniques utilised to capture footfall data with maximum accuracy and precision. Furthermore, we will discuss how these technologies are applied in practical settings, providing valuable insights into performance optimisation and customer experience enhancement.

Why counting is important for retail businesses

In retail, foot traffic provides valuable insights into customer behavior. By understanding how many people are entering your store, you can optimize your business operations and drive revenue. Accurate foot traffic data allows you to identify peak hours and adjust staffing accordingly. It also helps you to assess the performance of marketing campaigns and understand how changes in store layout and product placement impact customer behavior.

However, manually counting foot traffic can be time-consuming, and often inaccurate. Retail people counting provides a more efficient and accurate solution. With retail people counting, you can automatically track the number of customers entering and exiting your store, providing you with real-time data that can help you make informed business decisions.

Delving into StoreTech's People Counting Technologies

As a pioneer in footfall analytics, StoreTech offers a diverse range of people counting technologies to accommodate a variety of business needs and environments. Let's examine the key technologies provided by StoreTech:

1. Video-Based Analytics: Combining innovative software and camera technology, video-based people counting systems use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to identify, track, and count individuals with superior accuracy. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, these advanced analytics provide granular data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on comprehensive footfall information.

2. Infrared Sensors: With the ability to detect movement and thermal differences, infrared sensors offer a high level of accuracy in people counting. Non-invasive and easy to install, infrared sensors are well-suited for both large and small businesses looking to monitor foot traffic and understand customer behaviour patterns.

3. Thermal Imaging: Using sophisticated cameras to detect heat signatures emitted by people, thermal imaging technology ensures accurate counting in more challenging environments or situations with varying light and temperature conditions. This people counting technology is ideal for outdoor applications or businesses with complex layouts.

Harnessing People Counting Technologies for Performance Optimisation

By leveraging StoreTech's cutting-edge people counting technologies, businesses can gather crucial insights into foot traffic and customer behaviour patterns, resulting in optimised performance and improved customer satisfaction. Key applications and benefits of these technologies include:

1. Store Layout and Design: Analysing footfall data captured by people counting systems enables retailers to develop effective store layouts, enhancing product visibility and accessibility. These insights lead to more efficient use of floor space, ultimately driving sales and improving the customer experience.

2. Staff Management: By monitoring real-time foot traffic trends, businesses can optimise staff deployment and scheduling to ensure the right number of staff are on hand during peak hours. This proactive approach enhances customer service, reduces wait times, and streamlines overall operations.

3. Informed Marketing Strategies: People counting technologies provide valuable customer behaviour data, empowering businesses to develop targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers. By understanding customer preferences and patterns, businesses can deliver personalised experiences, fostering customer loyalty and maximising return on marketing investments.

Enhancing Customer Experience with StoreTech's People Counting Technologies

StoreTech's people counting solutions not only facilitate performance optimisation but also contribute to improved customer experiences across various sectors. Adopting these technologies helps businesses:

1. Cater to Customer Needs: By analysing footfall data and customer behaviour patterns, businesses can identify areas of improvement and take proactive steps to address them. This leads to an enhanced customer experience, ensuring their needs are consistently met and expectations exceeded.

2. Personalise Offerings: Understanding customer preferences and behaviour through footfall analytics allows businesses to customise and personalise their offerings. By tailoring products and services, businesses can deliver exceptional customer experiences that foster long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

3. Enable Efficient Customer Flow: People counting technologies help businesses identify high-traffic areas and bottlenecks, allowing them to take corrective measures, ensuring smooth customer flow, and reducing wait times.

Emerging Trends and the Future of People Counting Technologies

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, the potential for advancements and innovations in people counting solutions remains vast. Emerging trends to watch out for include:

1. Integration with IoT: The growing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices presents a significant growth opportunity for people counting systems. Connecting footfall analytics with IoT devices can facilitate data-driven decision-making, leading to efficient energy usage, space allocation, and overall operational efficiency.

2. Edge Computing: As edge computing gains prominence, this emerging technology can provide real-time analysis of footfall data captured by people counting systems, offering instantaneous insights into customer behaviour and traffic patterns.

3. Advanced AI Algorithms: As AI technology continues to evolve, more sophisticated algorithms can be developed for people counting systems, increasing the precision and accuracy of footfall data and further enhancing the insights derived from these technologies.


StoreTech's innovative people counting technologies grant businesses the ability to make informed decisions based on accurate footfall data and customer behaviour insights. With the help of video-based analytics, infrared sensors, and thermal imaging, organisations across numerous industries can optimise performance, improve the customer experience, and drive sustainable growth.

As the technology landscape evolves, promising opportunities for innovation and expansion emerge, allowing businesses to continually refine their strategies and adapt to the ever-changing market. By embracing StoreTech's people counting technologies, businesses can unlock unparalleled possibilities for operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and long-term success.


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