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Retail Footfall Analytics | StoreTech


Everyone walking into your store is a potential customer, more so than online browsers. The intent is already there, so don't miss that opportunity to give great service and sell to a new or repeat customer.

  • Footfall insight into your busiest times of day and week
  • Uncover key hours of the day when you should focus on selling
  • Insight into the affects of marketing and promotional campaigns
Retail Conversion Analytics | StoreTech


Using footfall and sales data, StoreTech provides insight into the no.1 retail metric; conversion. Just like online analytics, measuring conversion allows you to optimise your performance and increase sales. 

  • The measure of turning browsers into purchasers
  • Powerful insight into missed opportunity to convert
  • The no.1 measure of how good you are at delivering great service and sales
Powerful Retail Conversion Insight | StoreTech


We accurately measure footfall and conversion to allow you to see the opportunity for improvement. Our easy-to-use cloud-based performance management portal gives real-time insight to store, field, and head office users.

  • Real-time performance data as it happens throughout the day
  • A clear view of KPI's for store teams, field and head office users
  • Change the conversation with your teams, make data-driven decisions with conversion analytics

What our customers say...

StoreTech supported sales growth of 6% for us. We have a robust growth plan, and we believe StoreTech alone will deliver on our ambitious growth plans.

Moss Bros

The system is both brilliant and motivational. 
StoreTech has achieved compelling results for our company's bottom line performance.


A great way to see all KPI's in real-time. 
Allowing us to influence them on a 30-minute basis; spot patterns and maximise sales and customer service.


Building a powerful people counting solution starts here

For over 24 years, StoreTech has been providing powerful people counting analytics to bricks and mortar retailers.

Retail people counting | StoreTech

Install the world's best people counting sensors

We integrate with the best-of-breed people counters on the market. Providing accurate, reliable, and low cost of ownership.

We have certified installers, but if you prefer our devices can be pre-configured for self-installation.

If you are looking to upgrade or just use our dashboards, we can help with that too.

Retail sales & conversion | StoreTech

Simple sales data feed from your EpoS system

To truly understand your retail performance, we recommend providing a simple sales feed every half hour. 

We can integrate with almost any Epos system and import your sales data via a simple CSV file, or using our API.

With sales and footfall data together, you have powerful insight into your in-store conversion.

Retail performance management portal | StoreTech

Powerful performance management portal

Our easy-to-use cloud portal is available on any device with a browser.

With customised views for store, field, and head office users. So you can make fast data-driven business decisions as it happens during the trading day.

Let us help you to measure, manage, improve and celebrate your in-store conversion success.

People counting solutions for your business

StoreTech started measuring offline footfall and conversion analytics before Google was born. Offline analytics is here to measure performance and optimise your business.


To complete with online analytics, its crucial for bricks and mortar retailers to optimise performance, measure conversion rates and improve productivity.

People counting in retail »

Leisure and Tourism

Museums and galleries benefit from real-time footfall data to understand the customer journey and deliver a better customer experience.

People counting in leisure and tourism »

Coffee Shops and Bars

Understand in real-time your customer flow so you can measure demand, plan for peak hours and deploy staff to customer traffic.

People counting in coffee shops and bars »

Smart Buildings

Facilities managers and building owners can accurately deploy resources based on live occupancy analytics and space utilisation.

People counting in smart buildings »
Retail Performance Dashboard | StoreTech

A people counting solution that delivers better results

In the offline world understanding your potential starts by knowing your footfall opportunity. Making real-time data-driven decisions based on your unique visitor patterns will help you be more successful and proven to boost conversion, increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

Learn about performance dashboards »
Retail Scheduling to Demand | StoreTech

Schedule to demand to optimise staffing ratio

Our cloud-based staff scheduling system has been designed for and is used by top retail high street brands. Simply drag and drop shifts, whilst aligning staff to your historical footfall data via our recommender. Manage payroll costs, improve productivity and optimise your performance.

Learn about scheduling to demand »
Retail Foottfall Solution | StoreTech

A footfall solution that delivers a 6% sales uplift

A performance management solution that really delivers. We help store teams to identify their strongest and weakest days for conversion. This allows them to focus and take measurable actions. Whilst store and area managers find it invaluable in helping them to manage and motivate their teams.

Learn about how we help retailers be more successful »


People counting insight from the experts

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The world's most advanced people counter | StoreTech


The world's most advanced people counter

Installed and remotely managed by us with access to our powerful performance cloud portal.

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