Celebrating 25-years of people counting

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Celebrating 25 years of people counting

1998 was a great year for innovation; PayPal was founded, Google filed for incorporation, and Apple introduced the iMac.

On February 13th 1998, StoreTech Limited was also incorporated. We think we are in great company. Here’s to the next 25 years!

The StoreTech solution has helped many retailers uncover their footfall opportunities, enabling managers to resource effectively to deliver a better customer experience and enable store teams to boost conversion and increase their sales performance.

With our free people counting starter kit you can do the same, and make full use of our powerful cloud portal including performance dashboards, data analytics, and staff planner.

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Actionable analytics

Just some of the features available from our powerful retail performance dashboards.

Powerful cloud portal

Actionable real-time performance information on any device with a browser.

Footfall analytics

Your unique footfall data will aid decisions around marketing, tasking and staffing levels.

People counting

Know how many visitors you attract so you can make data driven decisions.

Customer experience

Having staff at the right time, doing the right things will drive a better CX.

Target driven

Measure performance with easy-to-read red, amber green performance dashboards.

Clear insight

No more; it was quiet, true opportunity starts with knowing your footfall.


Register your interest for our FREE footfall starter kit.

25th birthday give-away, get your footfall starter kit for free!*

  • 3 self-installed PIR sensors
  • Full cloud portal user access
  • Performance dashboards
  • Historical data analytics
  • Built-in Staff planner
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Footfall Starter Kit Offer | StoreTech

How it works

The free starter kit includes 3 sensors and 3 wireless 3G gateway hubs for self-installation at 3 of your retail stores. Sensors are suitable for single or double door entrances only. UK offer only.

Once the kit arrives peel-and-stick above the entrance and plug the 3G gateway hub into a mains outlet.

The 3-month trial starts as soon as we start receiving data.

Multi-user access to our cloud portal includes performance dashboards, data analytics and our integrated staff planner.

Condition of the trial requires you to provide sales data by half hour, either via a file or manually keyed into our portal. This will allow for conversion performance metrics to be analysed.

You can provide us with a staff rota in any format, and we'll feed this into our built-in staff planner to aid staff to demand alignment.

At the end of 3-month period just return the kit. Or if you would like to continue, chat to us about our permanent retail people counting sensors which are available to purchase, via finance or rental subscription.

StoreTech promotional offer terms and conditions

These terms and conditions refer to the promotional offer (“Promotion”) brought to you by StoreTech Limited, whose registered office is at StoreTech Ltd, c/o Thorne Lancaster Parker, 4th Floor, Venture House, 27-29 Glasshouse Street London W1B 5DF ("StoreTech", "we", "us", "our").

The Promotion is open to any business, excluding existing StoreTech customers, with a minimum of 3 sites or requiring 3 people counters. Only 1 free starter kit per retailer.

This limited-time offer provides you with a taster of our cloud-based performance management solution with unlimited user access for the 3-months.

Offer includes 3 self-installable PIR people counter sensors. This will provide people count data in 30 minute increments through the day.

Our cloud portal provides a live performance dashboard, historical data analytics, and staff planner. 

Where you can provide a PoS feed using a simple CSV file format, we will complete the integration and service to import your sales data into our portal free of charge. This will allow us to provide live conversion data throughout the day.

As part of the trial we will request a copy of each stores rota, so that we can import the data into our build-in staff planner. This will allow you to see if there are any staff to demand alignment issues.

At the end of the 3-month trail you are responsible for returning the kit in full working order. Any kit not returned will be charged at £200 per sensor and £300 per gateway hub.

StoreTech reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and/or at its absolute discretion refuse the Promotion or withdraw the Promotion from a participant or beneficiary at any time without notice.

These terms and conditions (and all non-contractual claims and disputes) are governed by English law and by making use of the Promotion, you agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction of any such claims or disputes which arise out of or in connection with this Promotion.


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