The Brickstream 3D Gen 2 sensor represents the next generation of video analytics, it captures and analyses traffic metrics in a single sensor for retail outlets, malls and smart buildings. 

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Intelligent Counting

Patented stereo vision and people counting technology to accurately track and analyse traffic in real time.

  • Stereo height measurement distinguishes between adults, children and other objects e.g. shopping carts
  • Filter zones, pass lines, exclusion lines and shopper group identification enable elimination of specific traffic and greatly reduce false counts.
  • Employee filtering improves data accuracy counting staff movements separately in/out/across location.  
  • Stereo processing engine provides reliable performance in low light, low contrast, and very bright scenes
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Reduce Cost & Simplify Deployment

Streamlined installation, wide field of view and broad mounting height range reduce cost and complexity. 

  • 21% wider field of view than the original Brickstream 3D 
  • Integrated surface mount means no external mount required 
  • Hidden wiring out the back of device for a clean appearance 
  • Wide mounting height range of 2.2 - 14m with only two lens options
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Accurate and relevant people tracking

Industry leading

Intelligent counting, increased coverage, integrated mounting and backward compatibility.

Stereo processing

Works in varied conditions (dim or bright lighting, indoors or out, high or low mount).

Easy deployment

Wider field of view covers larger areas with fewer sensors.

Staff exclusion

Employee Filtering feature ensures you are counting customers not staff.


Height filtering can exclude children or count children separately.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Eliminate the cost and disruption of wiring ethernet cables.

Brickstream 3D Gen 2

Make impactful decisions to grow your business!

With the Brickstream 3D Gen 2, you get the people counting traffic and people flow metrics for improving sales and operations in retail and smart buildings.


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