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Increases sales with customer tracking 

That was the headline in Retail Week when Penelope Ody reported on the customer-tracking software that was helping Clarks to increase sales in selected stores. Read this case study here, about how Clarks used the conversion solution to increase sales.

Customer Tracking systems matching shopper footfall to conversion rates have been around for some time but, despite enthusiasm from users, the ability to measure how many customers buy items compared to those who simply look around has had little impact on staff culture or management techniques. 

StoreTech systems allow conversion rate information to be integrated with staff scheduling and performance data to create a more competitive in-store culture that leads to a rise in sales.

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Average sales increase of around 8%

"It can help create a selling culture, and its proven successful at Clarks, where managers check on performance every hour or two and discuss the results with shift supervisors and section managers" says StoreTech Sales Director Andrew Howarth.

Clarks started installing the StoreXpert system in March 2000 with a first phase of 25 larger stores. The program proved so successful that the system was rolled out to a further 70 branches. Average sales increases are around 8% with Kingston Upon Thames branch suggesting that a £1000,000 increase in sales revenue in six months was directly attributable to StoreXpert.

"The system is both brilliant and motivational" says Clarks retail systems manager Philip Marshall. "In a busy trading environment, we need simple and flexible products to offer immediate results. StoreXpert has achieved compelling results for our company's bottom line performance."

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Clarks conversion solution

The system compromises sales optimisation software, which is integrated with Clarks NSB coalition point-of-sale system, with a ceiling mounted customer counter using thermal imaging. The system monitors traffic flow and matches that to sales, then recommends staffing levels. "The system sees footfall coverage that would be needed to maximise the sales from this opportunity" says Howarth. 

"Retail operations need to be driven by opportunity" says Marshall. "With StoreXpert we can understand opportunity levels and drive up sales".

As well as these components, StoreTech also has a reporting tool that can be used to monitor key performance indicators (KPI) by range or region to help buyers and area managers. "Conversion rate isn't just nice-to-have information, it can be used alongside fiscal targets as a semi-controllable KPI." says Howarth. "It can help more people within the organisation become aware of sales opportunities and helps encourage competition."

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