This case study features River Island who use StoreTech's people counting solution to help them monitor footfall and conversion.

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Whilst the River Island culture is not overtly ‘salesy’, it’s amazing what can be achieved by making it as easy as possible for customers to buy.

Our store teams use the StoreTech system to ensure that operations on the shop floor are running smoothly, meaning that as far as possible all in-store activities are carried out around the needs and requirements of our CUSTOMERS.

Having the data in a live and actionable format not only means that teams are able to take corrective action as the trading day unfolds, it also provides a fun and motivational way of keeping all members of the team engaged with store performance.

Dips in conversion rate can often indicate a ‘blockage’ of some type, so whether a store needs more stock on the floor, more people on the floor, better manning of the fitting rooms, or simply more till cover, the StoreTech system is vital in maintaining that focus.

Many external factors can affect sales, but store teams feel far more in control of conversion rates, so it stands to reason that conversion rate is the most effective and objective way to performance-manage the business.

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Retail performance improvement

River Island is one of the UK’s most successful fashion retailers and with over 60 years of fashion retailing experience, across some 350 stores, the company is one of the most well-known and loved brands on the High Street.

Dynamic, traffic and conversion

Whilst the company carries various product categories that require full service (e.g. footwear) where it goes without saying that staff availability is king, the key in the ‘assisted’ service areas such as clothing is to ensure that the sales floor, fitting rooms and tills are all not only staffed to, but are also reacting to, customer demand.

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Live performance dashboard

By using StoreXpert, StoreTech’s dynamic traffic and conversion tool, in-store colleagues are not only able to ensure that staffing patterns reflect customer flows, but that conversion rate is being maintained throughout each trading day.

In addition to StoreXpert’s dynamic dashboard, many of the stores make use of the ability to view the performance data live on the sales floor, which means that sales teams can be sure they are fulfilling their customer service objectives.

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