Xovis is one of the most complete portfolio of 3D sensors on the market; it masters every people counting and people flow measurement challenge with high precision.

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Advanced 3D people counting sensor

AI-powered sensors take people flow analytics to a new level.

  • Highest accuracy in people counting and tracking
  • Guaranteeing data privacy - only metadata is leaving the sensor
  • Fast setup and easy integration
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for low proneness to errors and low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Multi-sensor capability to track visitor paths in large areas
  • Future proof hardware and ready for upcoming new applications
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Rethinking people flow

Xovis 3D sensors increase the efficiency of operations and put your visitor in the center.

Understanding people flow is key in today’s world. Xovis technology provides valuable insights everywhere people move – in shops, buildings, public places, amusement parks and many more places.

Xovis sensors use AI to get even more insights, and better understand the behaviour and characteristics of your customers.

  • Gender statistics
  • View direction
  • Staff exclusion
  • Face mask detection
  • Group counting
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Providing actionable insights on people flow

Privacy protecting

Only metadata is exported with guaranteed data privacy (no video stream).

Gender statistics

Our sensors can recognize a 
customer’s gender expression. 
Use the information to tailor 
services and marketing  campaigns effectively.

View direction

Detect head orientation to measure attention time and steer product placement and promotions.

Staff exclusion

For accurate customer counting, identify and exclude staff by using the Xovis staff 
exclusion extension. 

Group counting

Recognize customers who are moving together as a group. Create conversion rates that reflect actual buying behavior.


The sensors AI algorithms detect people and track movement with highest accuracy.

High Accuracy

The Xovis PC-Series comprises sensor models with installation heights from 2.2m to 20m (7.5ft to 65.62 ft), covering up to 100m2 (1,080 ft2) per sensor. A counting accuracy up to 99.9% guarantees the most precise insights. People are individually recognized and continuously tracked, even if they are standing shoulder to shoulder.

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Robust Operation

The Xovis 3D sensors are highly robust and resistant to all kinds of external influences, such as shadow and heat emission. Lighting changes are not an issue; a minimum of only 2 lux is required. Besides, local data storage for offline operations is available for up to 3 years.

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Wi-Fi Communication

Communicate wirelessly (on singlesensors only) and eliminate the high costs of acquiring network infrastructure materials, such as cable and PoE routers, needed to connect sensors in hard-to-reach places.



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